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InfiniTAM v2

InfiniTAM an Open Source, multi-platform framework for real-time, large-scale depth fusion and tracking, released under an Oxford Isis Innovation Academic License. The framework currently supports dense volumes (using an implementation based on the Newcombe et al KinectFusion paper) and sparse volumes (using an implementation based on our ISMAR 2015 paper).

We are part of the Oxford Active Vision Library.


18/09/2015 - InfiniTAM is now part of the Oxford Active Vision Library.

30/07/2015 - InfiniTAM v2 released: over 10 times faster than v1; iOS and Android versions; export to STL; many many other fixes and improvements.

Why use it?

InfiniTAM was designed with a focus on extensibility, reusability and portability:

What to cite?

Please cite our ISMAR paper in your publications:

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If you use the technical report version of InfiniTAM, please also cite:

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and the respective dense / sparse volumetric approach that you use.

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