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InfiniTAM v3

InfiniTAM an open source, multi-platform framework for real-time, large-scale depth fusion and tracking, released under an Oxford University Innovation Academic License.

We support sparse volumes, using an implementation of our ISMAR 2015 paper, optionally with loop closure, using an implementation of our ECCV 2016 paper. A prelimiary surfel-based version of the pipeline is also included, as detailed in our 2017 Technical Report.

We are part of the Oxford Active Vision Library.

If you use our framework, please cite the relevant paper(s), as explained here.


16/08/2017 - InfiniTAM v3 released. We’ve added:

06/04/2016 - The hhash_v2 branch of InfiniTAM v2 released, implementing our ICRA 2016 paper.

18/09/2015 - InfiniTAM is now part of the Oxford Active Vision Library.

30/07/2015 - InfiniTAM v2 released: over 10 times faster than v1; iOS and Android versions; export to STL; many many other fixes and improvements.

Why use it?

InfiniTAM was designed with a focus on extensibility, reusability and portability: